Bradley Stoke South By-election

26th March 2020

                       Our Candidate 






Terrence Port 


My name is Terrence (Terry  for short) and have lived in Bradley Stoke South for over 25 years. I would like to be a Councillor so,  I can give back to the community for all the help and support they gave me and my family  when our Daughter Sarah passed away at the age of 13 while we were on holiday.

Being a resident and Father of my Son of school age, I can see were there is a need for local changes therefore, my pledge to you is to work extremely hard  for  the  Community I live in.

My Commitment to the Residents of Bradley Stoke 

  • ¨ Support mental health

  • ¨ Support the Elderly living on their own

  • ¨ Support Green Issues

  • ¨ My promise to you  is to  vote  against any raises of Council Tax while there is a surplus 

  • ¨ Encourage the Community  and Council to help  to make changes to slow      the climate change

  •  Support reducing traffic and encourage cars to be left at home

  • ¨ Support  reducing  cars  outside school gates and encourage walking

  • ¨ Build a Safer Community

  • ¨ Continue communication in getting a Post office in the Willow Brook Centre

  • ¨ Children need to be able to play out side safely , I will champion on finding ways we can shut a street  to enable the children to play like they used to many years ago

  • ¨ More school crossings

  • ¨ Fight for better school funding in Bradley Stoke

If you would like to help Terrence win by delivering leaflets, please contact us on

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