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Crime is one of the biggest concerns people have, there is a lot of knife crime currently in our Towns and Cities. we have had discussion with members of the public and below is what they want.

We propose to set a 3 year discipline training camp where those found carrying a knife will automatically be placed.

Those who have committed a crime using a knife or any other weapon on a person will automatically receive a minimum 20  year prison sentence.

Anyone who causes death by using any form of weapon will receive a life sentence without parole.

Anyone who causes death by any other means will receive a life sentence without parole.

Anyone who causes death by reckless driving will receive a life sentence without parole.

Anyone who mugs, steals from private property will receive a minimum prison sentence of 10 years.

Many people want the death penalty back, we will have a consultation to determine if the death penalty should return,  


Since the UK has been in the EU our fisheries have suffered. Grimsby is a prime example. Grimsby was the biggest fishing port in the UK and in the world, now there is nothing left. This has caused devastation on the Town itself, people losing their jobs factories leaving.

My proposal is to bring back the fisheries to the UK, stop the EU countries taking advantage, if they are caught in our waters with their vessels will be taken.

It will take some time to build up our fishing ports again, but we will do it, we will make our fisheries great again, bring factories back to the fishing

Regenerate the Town again. Bring back our once great tradition

Mental Health

Over the past year  people have become increasingly aware about Mental Health, there is many conditions that fall under Mental Illness. We have to take action to help those with these conditions.


We propose, that all charities that specialise in Mental Health will get Government funding instead of having to rely on donations and be able to have offices in every Town and City.

We will build special hospitals for the most severe for in-house treatment

Air Ambulance and RNLI

Air Ambulance and the RNLI are one of the most important services we have. RNLI saves people and boats that are in trouble in the sea.

Air Ambulance saves lives by transporting sick people from remote areas the ambulances cannot get to or if the patient needs to get to the hospital in the quickest time.

We propose to bring the Air Ambulance under the NHS and the RNLI under the Royal Navy wholly funded by the Government.

High Street
The high street is dying and we need to bring it back to life like it was.

High street brings people together, vibrant and better quality.

We propose to remove the business rates for small new high street start ups for two years. Further two years, 50% and 75% for another two years.

By making the business rates, payment scale over 6 years would help the high street.

We want to bring back the shops back people have been asking for and to do this is to give them the support they need


The Conservatives have announced they will introduce the Australian points system. The Citizen Movement Party UK feels the people apply for settlement must have at least £50k in their account which didn't come from any family member or friends and a job to support themselves. 

Any person that is from another Country and has committed a crime of any sort will be deported after they have served their sentence.


We will not allow them to try and use human rights as an excuse to stay in the UK not even if they have a cat. 


If they committed a crime, then their rights will be taken away.

If any EU Citizen doesn't apply to for the settlement scheme, then they must leave the UK

Any foreign national who wants to purchase property must have lived in the UK for 5 years, they cannot apply for social housing

Inheritance Tax

Modern inheritance tax dates back to 1894 when the government introduced an estate duty, a tax on the capital value of land, in a bid to raise money to pay off a £4m government deficit.

We will scrap the inheritance tax, which will give 100% of the beneficiaries 



We all know the environment is changing. We must do our bit on this planet.

We propose, all council buildings, schools to Encourage business to have solar panels.

New builds to be Eco friendly, current homeowners encouraged to have solar panels either on the roof or in a garden 

Encourage business to find ways to sell their products without plastic. Fine the businesses who fail to doesn't comply within 10 years.

There are cars on the road that are over 10 years old.


We propose to offer a scrappage and VAT free to enable the customer to purchase an electric car. Free parking for all electric cars.

Plant more trees 


Cut the cost of train and bus charges to encourage people to travel by public services 

Make city centres car free with free parking outside the city centres, only access is by bus or train with a short walking distance in most cases.

National Holidays

The England has less National Holiday than any other Western County.


England doesn't celebrate our Patron Saint.

I propose a new national holiday to celebrate Saint George

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage doesn't help those getting less than the average wage.


We will scrap the minimum wage and zero hours contracts 


Grants offered to home owners to help with ECO conversion of their property

Nurses Doctors and Consultants



Fisheries around the UK

We win YOU WIN

Lets DO IT

Lets bring change, bringing back old and new values to align with each other.

Bring the people together to work together to bring back the spirit that has been lost.

The Citizen Movement Party will bring back the Voice of the people and the Spirit of our Nation, as these values have been eroded by Parliament.

Our mission is to have as many of your voices in Parliament, Local Councils and in the streets of Great Britain.

Lets do this 


Lets Change tradition Let's make our country




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